Old Receiving Tomb

Very few buildings like this are around now. There is actually another about 1/2 mile down the road. After that maybe Savannah, GA will have one. This is a temporary tomb to house the deceased until the burial site is ready. Typically a few days. However, one person was here over a year while statues … Continue reading Old Receiving Tomb

To The Receiving Tomb

The building at the end of this dirt road is a Receiving Tomb. Something not seen much, most have been removed from old cemeteries. Prior to burial in the 1800’s the deceased were held inside buildings like this. There are known cases where it was years before a grave site was ready. Large monuments and … Continue reading To The Receiving Tomb

Receiving Tomb

There are not many buildings like this around any longer. And yet here we have two, almost in sight of each other. I have seen a few others, but they were in colder climates. This was a temporary place to hold the remains of the recently deceased. Buildings like this were important in areas where … Continue reading Receiving Tomb

Receiving Tomb

Receiving vaults were used as a temporary burial site while an elaborate mausoleum or under ground crypt was being constructed to house the remains. Occasionally they were used to temporarily bury the remains of an individual until a decision was made regarding a permanent place of burial, or until the family had the funds to arrange for a permanent … Continue reading Receiving Tomb

Found On A Walk, How Have I Missed This

His last words; “I willingly give my life for South Carolina; Oh that I could have died for Ireland.” John Mitchell, commander of Confederacy artillery, on Fort Sumter, Charleston harbor. Killed July 20, 1864. After the southern militia captured Fort Sumter to start the US Civil War they occupied it. Union ships arrived eventually to … Continue reading Found On A Walk, How Have I Missed This

The Final Resting Home Of Mr. Smith

A true Victorian style mausoleum. It could be at home in London or Paris. Mr. Smith could not move in right away though. Actually it took 2 1/2 years to build. All the while Mr. Smith waited in a small ‘receiving tomb’. It was very impressive in the late 1800’s. Worth the wait? You would … Continue reading The Final Resting Home Of Mr. Smith