Winter Stained Glass

Driving back from a trip looking for new places to shot once the snow is gone we spotted this. Actually it was behind a barn.

Please click the image to enlarge and see the full stained glass colors in the snow.

Snow and Stained Glass
Snow and Stained Glass

Looking around I found the barn and other buildings were owned by a church down the road. The building is a small private prayer chapel.

Tough Little Plovers

I went down state (Connecticut) to the shore. Needed a change of scenery and different places to photograph. With luck a little less snow.

Walking the beach I found a favorite, Plovers.

These small birds live on the jetties and rocks. The snow and ice cover these rocks, not to mention the freezing water,  yet they hide in there somehow.IMG_5925I watched them run up and down the beach chasing waves. Each time a wave goes out they all charge into the surf to grab what ever they might find.

As soon as the next wave starts to come in they all turn and run a few feet back up the shore. Wait, then run back in the water again.

Back and forth until they tire or have enough food. Fun to watch.



Accommodating Hawk

Cabin fever, snow bound, whatever it’s called, well it’s here.

We can get out and drive around now. With 3 storms, back to back, we have probably 3 feet of snow in most places.

This is New England and while the stores still get a mad rush for milk and bread when the “S” word is spoken it’s really normal for February.

However…… you can drive from one place to another. Parking lots required. No wandering around unless you leave a car home.

We drove to the Connecticut shore where there is a ‘little’ less snow. There we hiked, walked through some beaches and marshes. And met this fellow;


Red Tail Hawk
Red Tail Hawk


Connecticut Shore Hawk
Connecticut Shore Hawk

Coyote Style Staring Contest

In the middle of the Connecticut river the geese were taking a nap, heads under their wings. Seemed like an easy way to get closer for some images.

When I got around the snow pile I found competition.


Coyote Meeting by the Connecticut river
Coyote Meeting by the Connecticut river

One watched me, staring intently. You can see in the main picture above he kept his attention on me.

The other tried to work his way up the river bank and around for a better path to the geese between us. I looked for others on the bank but none were in sight.

Coyote Meeting by the Connecticut river
Coyote Meeting by the Connecticut river

There was open water between us, but it was interesting to see how they worked together. They didn’t really seem all that concerned about me, the geese were important.

Did I mention there was open water between us?

As the snow and wind picked up, and I was still there, they climbed back up the bank and left.

What a great unexpected gift.

I Had To Take This Shot

This Gull was too pretty to miss.

What makes this great, at least for me, is all the things that were going on around me at the time;

  1. Cold, windy,  and snowy Connecticut river
  2. Other Gulls diving all around us
  3. A flock of geese watching with great interest
  4. Coyotes looking for lunch (more to come on that)

This goes back to an earlier post of mine. They just don’t seem to care.

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