Connecticut Foundry, Rocky Hill

Follow the old river side rail road tracks, or the road to the Rocky Hill ferry, and you will find the last remains of the Connecticut Foundry Co.


Several industrial buildings stood here beside the Connecticut River from 1835 to 1881, when a huge foundry was built.

After a fire in 1918 a new foundry was built and remained until 1983. The company made a wide variety of items of cast iron, from range oil burners, piston-ring moldings and lawn mower parts to bookends and decorative plaques.  Much has been torn down now, the last buildings and rails are to be demolished in 2015.

It seemed appropriate to shoot here using black and white.


Mayflower II comes to Mystic Connecticut

Yesterday the Mayflower II was towed into Mystic marina for repairs.

Usually she docks in Plymouth MA, surprise there. However Mystic marina and seaport have one of the few facilities dedicated to building and maintaining these old ships. In fact much of the work is done in the same way as 200 hundred years ago.

Size Perspective in Photography

In taking this shot it was hard to really see the size of the statue. This is in Koblenz Germany of Emperor Wilhelm 1 (1897). You can tell it’s big.  But how big?

Wil_1So you would look for a different point of view.

Wil_2It’s still a question on just how big. So again, a new location.

Wil_3This from the air.  Yeah it’s pretty large. Yet…

Wil_4Now you see. Around 1/2 mile away, up a small mountain, and the other side of the Rhine river. It’s big, no it’s really big!


The last two days multiple woodpeckers have been here. At first I didn’t realize there were several Red Belly’s until I looked closely at different shots.


IMG_3202 (2)

Downy woodpeckers are also pretty common here.  I did manage to catch one as she dropped out of a maple tree.


Red Belly Woodpecker
Red Belly Woodpecker

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