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Along A Santee Delta Marsh, Eagle

From a day of many Eagles, but few clear shots.

We traveled by a flat boat up through both the South and North Santee rivers as well as several creeks. This is all marsh land and old plantation rice fields from the 1700’s.

On this day the most common bird we saw, Bald Eagles. Pretty amazing.

Along A Santee Delta Marsh, Eagle
Along A Santee Delta Marsh, Eagle

Our trip traveled through some tight spots, we did get to move through rice fields and marsh creeks, ultimately pulling into shore at one of the old plantation buildings. This same trip will be made next week by a land trust mapping out an additional 20 miles of river shore to be purchased for conservation.

The boat Chris has for his Coastal Expeditions is specifically designed for shallow water and pulling directly up on the shore… without making holes in the bottom.

As expected we now have a billion photographs to dig through. I do plan a series of articles on the delta and the spots we visited.