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Harkness Mansion, Connecticut


The mansion was formerly Eolia, the estate of Edward Harkness, heir to a fortune initiated by his father Stephen V. Harkness’s substantial investments in John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil, who purchased the mansion in 1907.

From 1918 to 1929, extensive improvements were made by landscape designer Beatrix Jones Farrand. Eolia was left to Connecticut in 1950 and became part of the State Park system in 1952.

Eolia mansion always reminds me of the 1920’s. You half expect the Great Gatsby to arrive.

The grounds have large open fields, salt marshes, rocky shores, and even a small beach.

The marsh is home to Osprey in the spring, other water fowl all year long.

The following shots were taken from spring of 2014 through year end.

Just Ducks, and a few friends

I have received some jokes over time about how I tend to have more shots of ducks than anything else in my general photos.

Male Mallard
Male Mallard

But really… they walk funny, talk funny, even crash land in the water funny.

Who doesn’t like ducks (and their friends).

Old East Cemetery, Cromwell Connecticut

Cromwell has 2 cemeteries. The oldest is called the East cemetery.


(correction below)

This past weekend we had a small snow storm and it seemed the perfect time to wander through and photograph it using the snow as a back drop.

About halfway through my fingers were numb, and was pretty well soaked in general. So the shots here are from the ‘North’ of the ‘East’ cemetery. I’ll come back in the spring and finish.

1/21/2015 correction: I have only lived here for around 18 years so pardon my inaccuracies (aka ignorance). Cromwell CT has a third and older cemetery. Entrance shows 1776, so probably pre-revolution. Will shot it and post here.