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TPJ Photography

Please explore this selection of images from my portfolio. I’ve created a number of albums based on a theme but most of my photographs  are daily entries added as New Photos / Articles on a single bird or subject. Category links and individual post “tags,” available from the site navigation, will help you find posts on a similar topic or use the search box to locate an image of a particular subject.

The albums include broader topics such as locations, an animal or a bird species. The albums of birds and animals are works in progress as I visit new locations and take new photographic examples. Some of the location albums won’t change as they were probably one time visits, unless we get the travel bug to return to a Europe project.

Wildlife, birds in particular, are of special interest to me. I’ve shot hundreds of photographs of herons, egrets, and raptors. Some of the birds that are presented here are in danger of extinction and I’ve had the privilege of photographing them at various raptor rehabilitation centers. I’ve been able to document a number of birds through their life cycles from a newborn in a rookery, taking their first flight, and finally adulthood.

A large number of my photographs were taken in New England, where I lived for nearly 40 years. We now call the Charleston, South Carolina, USA area home and are exploring the diverse wildlife of the Carolina Lowcountry.

Our photography services include art from our online gallery, requests for any photo here, or custom projects suitable for interior design and gallery presentations.

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The featured image is ‘Great Blue Herons’.

TPJ Photography