The Strange Things Seen In Swamps


After 30 years of bits, bytes, bauds, and a world of ever changing acronyms I was ready for a change. I became another baby boomer looking for a new career.

I went back to an early love, photography. In olden times, the days of film and smelly chemicals, I spent many hours shooting in black and white around NYC. Central Park was my home turf then. It seemed pretty big too. Weddings brought in some money, but somehow the need for food, clothing, and shelter led me down a different path.

Things are different now. Never did I think I would actually shoot Notre Dame in Paris, castles along the Rhine in Germany, rivers in Switzerland, frozen marsh lands in New England, or the swamps of the South Carolina low country.

I’ve been fortunate to take advantage of the Eagle and Osprey returns to the Connecticut River Valley and have seen and photographed more of New England’s byways, and the South Carolina Lowcountry marshes and swamps  than I could possibly have imagined.

This site is a place to share the various places and things I am lucky enough to be able photograph.

All photographs are copyrighted, the Contact page lists our phone, email address, and provides a form to send requests or any questions on our services.

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TPJ Photography

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