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Why you ask, because someone must buy them. This was a bin full of ceramic skulls. Mexican pottery actually. Nothing like a box of colorful heads.

Ceramic Skulls - Click To Enlarge
Ceramic Skulls – Click To Enlarge

I have been work in more black and white lately. This photograph has been processed with an Agfa 400 35mm film type filter. Agfa was the film I used in the 60’s and 70’s so I am experimenting with a digital variation.

I don’t seem to have any old photos of heads so it’s hard to compare this with an original. Probably a good thing. It was the 60’s after all.

Love Those 1950’s T-Birds

A few weeks ago we attended a car and air show at the Sedona Arizona airport. A complete section was dedicated to 1950’s Ford Thunderbirds. The cars were beautiful, the owners very serious about their cars.

1950's Thunder Bird - Click To Enlarge

1950’s Thunder Bird – Click To Enlarge

1950's Thunder Bird - Click To Enlarge
1950’s Thunder Bird – Click To Enlarge

The bright Arizona sun made this even more difficult to shoot than usual. However it did bring out some of the vivid colors and custom paint.

There were T-Bird owners from across the southwest so I assume this is a major show. Certainly was enough time and money dedicated to it.

While I’m not much of a ‘car guy’ this many classics in one spot was great fun. But as nice as they were I saw too many people polishing and cleaning their cars.


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