American Crow

American Crow

This was a huge bird. My thoughts were a Raven, not Crow. We followed him around until I could get a clear shot.

American Crow
American Crow

Even when I moved closer he was so big I was convinced it was a Raven. Ravens don’t live here, they are a northern bird.

American Crow
American Crow

These shots were plenty good for an ID.

Not a Raven, an American Crow. Just a big one.

BTW, Ravens have a protrusion, bump, on the base of their bill. Not obvious but once you see it an ID is not hard.

Thanks to my friend Stacey at Magnolia Plantation for helping here. We rode his Off Road and followed the bird around the old Slave Cabins until we could get a clear look. He is the biologist guru at Magnolia and keeps detailed records of the plantation wildlife. Raven is still not on the list.

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