Lowly Gallinule

Lowly Gallinule

A bird that gets little recognition, or even thought about. In many ways they are the ‘chicken’ of the wetlands.

Lowly Gallinule
Lowly Gallinule

They are loud, and have the odd habit of running away screaming at the last minute.

Lowly Gallinule
Lowly Gallinule

Enlarge the above image and you will see the feet of the female on the left. Huge, big toes, and wide like snow shoes. Why ? To walk on water, or tiny plants. A forward motion with a few wing flaps and they run on the surface (screaming all the while).

Lowly Gallinule
Lowly Gallinule

The male on the left has a shiny vinyl looking beak. Yep, almost soft plastic looking.

There is a popular US Halloween treat, ‘candy corn’ that is the same shades and layers as the males bill.

Overall an odd bird, that everything else out here considers…well chicken.

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