Meeting A Dolphin Eye To Eye

Meeting A Dolphin Eye To Eye

These photographs were taken at different times, but they show the same Dolphin behavior/thoughts when pushing fish to shore.

They know there are dangers to themselves when sliding on the sand, out of the water, to grab the fish.

They check shallows and shore before herding the fish. And they found me, looked at me, and determined I wasn’t a threat.

Meeting A Dolphin Eye To Eye
Meeting A Dolphin Eye To Eye

Above a Dolphin circles a few meters off shore checking for danger. It’s impressive to share a look with these beautiful animals.

Below is always the most exciting meeting.

Meeting A Dolphin Eye To Eye
Meeting A Dolphin Eye To Eye

This is the last minute check. A single Dolphin will swim the length of the shore to be used for stranding fish. They swim, and sound, like a freight train moving almost right in front of you.

You should never be this close, it’s bad for the photographer and Dolphin. However, you never know when they will sail by.

Above the lead Dolphin came by just below the surface, staring at me as he sailed by. I quickly stepped back since I knew what could happen if they charged this spot.

This Dolphin pod still hunt along the Charleston area shores, however they have changed locations where the will ‘strand feed’. The sands and depth are always shifting, and too many people seem to have begun to watch them from shore.

note; similar images have previously been published along with articles on Dolphin strand feeding here.

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