Orb Weaver, Not Good

Orb Weaver, Not Good

This is what gets to me! Not Alligators, toxic snakes, Boar with tusks… it’s the big spiders.

Orb Weaver, Not Good
Orb Weaver, Not Good

August and September is their time. At their biggest and most numerous.

They build webs at night, strands as strong as fishing line, across swamps and trails.

I don’t like them very much.

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  1. These spiders are out in force here as well, Ted. I love it when I can see their intricate webs to the side of the trail. I am, however, not overly fond with running into unseen webs, which often seem to be at face-height.

  2. I don’t like them either, I try not to freak out so much anymore when I see one. There are plenty of wolf spiders around here. They don’t bother me as long as they stay outside. But I saw a small spider in the door jamb of my car, it was all yellow. I just assumed all yellow probably means not good. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I was going into our furnace room very early morning (4:30) and dangling right in front of my face was a Black Widow whose body was a good inch long and from leg tip to leg tip was maybe 3″. She very languidly climbed up the strand to her web in our wooden beams–they make very messy, cobwebby-type nests, often mistaken for old cobwebs. There was the telltale hourglass in red on her belly. They have such a shiny black body, it looks lacquered. I felt transfixed, paralyzed by it. My partner/husband used the vacuum. The only remaining problem was my discovering they can produce literally hundreds of offspring–but only if there’s a poor male one (which is dowdy brown and tiny in comparison) around to have sex with and then eat (hence the name black widow). Fortunately, we didn’t see any more of them indoors. They were visible outside, though. And we live in British Columbia, Canada. Who knew.

    1. Unusual for them to be that far north, but nothing surprises me nature. Your husbands idea of the vacuum is what I would do LOL. And I would use the old one with a bag, not the fancy one with the clear plastic container that requires being manually emptied…of an angry spider!

  4. Yikes! Can’t handle spiders. Very creepy but great photo! My grandmother used to say the thicker and more prolific their webs were was a good indication of a cold winter. Do they look like its going to be a cold one?

    1. Well, these are in tropical swamps, Lowcountry, so cold is a relative thing. Besides, there are always hundreds in some locations and some webs could catch a small car. But if thatโ€™s an indication… the next ice age is coming. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  5. A few years back, I stepped off my driveway on my walk to the bus for work, and looked back towards the house, to see a golden orb weaver in her web above the letter box. The thing that really caught my attention was that one half of the web was golden, and the other half was white. Unfortunately I was in a hurry to get to the bus stop, and didn’t have a camera with me to photograph it.

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