Soft Shelled Turtle

SoftShell Turtle

Not your every day turtle, not even close.

I’ve never seen one out of the water. This one was crossing a wildlife area road.

Soft Shelled Turtle
Soft Shelled Turtle

They live in both fresh, and highly brackish water. The female can grow up several feet in diameter.

Some US states allow harvesting (hunting) of these turtles since they are eaten in some Asian countries, think turtle soup😲 . Of course South Carolina is one of them.

4 thoughts on “SoftShell Turtle”

    1. I can say for sure I will never find out. That turtle is something I will never snack on. Like Alligator, which is eaten here. Being around them, knowing them… I think it would be just plain nasty. 😂

    2. I cringe when I see frog’s legs on a menu. We have an authentic southern bbq here and gator is on it. Nope, I wouldn’t even try a sample.
      A local restaurant used to have my absolute favorite dessert on the menu…Angel Food Chocolate Mousse Cake.After a while the owner decided to have wild beastie week featuring lion, hippo, monkey, and others. Totally turned me off and I boycotted the restaurant for about thirty years. When she stopped and I started going again my dessert was no longer on the menu. 🙁

    3. Luckily Charleston is known for the restaurants, and tourists. Most menus are what you would expect.

      However… there certainly are regional differences in food from what you and I know. A Bagel 😳, how about real,Italian sausage… and the biggie.. We need to order our knish from the Nathan’s wholesaler to be shipped with dry ice 😂😂. Good thing I’m a true NYC and knew who Nathan’s uses LOL.

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