Black-crowned Night Heron, Flight

Black-crowned Night Heron, Flight

These smaller Herons can be incredibly fast.

He was a good test.

We shoot wildlife using Canon 7D Mark2’s. In general a camera body designed for wildlife and sports. It has fast focus, 10-12 shots a second, water resistant, and a crop sensor.

It is also a big heavy DSLR and no longer in production. My workhorse camera has an estimated (conservative) 600,000+ shots taken. Pieces are starting to ‘fall apart’ in this hot humid weather. It still shoots great.

Finally I found a used body with 5,000 clicks. About a weeks work for me.

Below are the first fast flight photographs with the new body.

I think it passed this test. I’m not convinced yet since the camera has new firmware and my focusing methods are now different.

Black-crowned Night Heron, Flight
Black-crowned Night Heron, Flight
Black-crowned Night Heron, Flight
Black-crowned Night Heron, Flight

I need to recheck my setup and compare to our other 7D2’s of which we now have three others. I know I will fine tune the focus in the cameras software a bit more.

The lens used here was a Sigma Sport 150-600, another workhorse that keeps on running. Next is the older Canon 100-400 which should be just fine.

I published this since replacing gear has become much more complicated than in the past. New products are all mirrorless bodies now, with electronic viewfinders. Modern tech and should be great.

However, based on our style and needs a test jump to the leading Sony mirrorless was an expensive lesson. Like everything, what and how you work is the real test.

The human eye is faster than an electronic one, and do not change a lens out in swamps with an exposed sensor (no mirror protecting it anymore).

BTW; Used gear has two great outlets. and specialize in used cameras and lens. All with a two week test period, decent prices, and an accurate grading system. They also will purchase your gear. Over the last few years we have used both and been very happy.


2 thoughts on “Black-crowned Night Heron, Flight”

  1. Thanks so much for the tips about these used gear sites, Ted. I recently bought a new Canon R6 mirrorless camera, and an adapter so I could use my 100 to 400II and 150-600 lens.
    Great shots of this bird in flight. They take off and land so quickly, I’m not sure I’ve ever gotten a shot of a Night Heron flying.

    1. I had thought about trying a Canon mirrorless with the adapter. However, adapters were on back order for 1 1/2 years 😂. That’s when I bought the first used 7D2 from MPB for Ellen. I will wait until (and if) Canon actually does release a replacement for the 7D2. We have also purchased a few macro lens from KEH with good luck. Even sold all the Sony gear to MPB.

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