11 thoughts on “Perhaps Not A Great Place To Hang Out, Heron”

    1. I have seen an alligator go for a low hanging monkey…Maybe the heron legs don’t look as appetizing…Or the birds have sensitivity gauges in their legs for water movement…Who knows…

    2. A 14 foot Alligator. I came back about 30 minutes ago from large marshlands. Went at dawn and we have a few of that guys brother. Most out there run between 9-12 feet. That’s big enough for me. 😂😂😂

    3. Hey I was looking at your photographs of your birds…Have you ever thought of using the tag Birdwatching…I have a friend who’s father is an avid one- I was going to tell her to tell him about your blog..I think he would enjoy your work. …It would open up another avenue of viewers.

    4. I have been wanting to add new tags, that should be one of them. Thanks. I actually would like to change some tags, but we have over 10,000 photographs, and thousands of pages. I need a wordpress function to bulk update and can’t find one.

      Thanks for the thoughts.

    1. Now is not the time for them to forget about the gators. Cold blooded animals, the warmer the weather the more their body functions… and needs food. We are seeing the birds in the rookeries falling prey to the gators. Not pretty.

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