Any Suggestions ? Alligator

Any Suggestions ? Alligator

And yes another “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” moment. And we are stuck in the middle of it.

We had 5 hours of hungry bugs (no wind there) and it was time to get out. Did I mention we only had  Davids bag of Almonds and a few energy bars? Short version tired and hungry.

However we could see a dark shape on the causeway out. As you can see swamp is on both sides, probably 12 foot (3.6 meters) wide.

Obviously it was not a shadow, branch, or log.

Any Suggestions ? Alligator
Any Suggestions ? Alligator

A little known fact about Alligators, they either run away, or don’t. We had ourselves a ‘don’t’.

First idea was to negotiate. get out of the car, walk to the front, and discuss road etiquette. I got a blank stare while I talked.

Second step is the traditional wave your arms and stamp you feet.

Third, uncharted waters now, was bang on the car.

Fourth, a desperate horn honk. This was the funny one. Ellen’s car has a horn that sounds like a ‘duck with gas’. Sorry but even we laughed at this one.

Any Suggestions ? Alligator
Any Suggestions ? Alligator

Final attempt was to drive on, squeeze by (no room for error) and hope for the best. Alligators can really damage a car if angry, yes they really can.

Ellen hanging out the window, sliding by and ‘Finally’… he turned and walked into the swamp.

This has happened before but not here where we can get out and photograph the fiasco.

As I have said before, it’s never dull out there.



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