Egret Flight

Egret Flight

This three image series is an example of how fast a Great Egret is capable of flying. The photographs are closeups, this is an example not based on speed, it’s by time, and wing flaps.

Egret Flight
Egret Flight

First item here, there is absolutely nothing based calculations, or scientific fact even. It’s visual.

Each image here is 1/10 of a second between each other. The first image above has the wings turned down and pushing air.

Egret Flight
Egret Flight

A 1/10 second later the wings are pulled full back.

Egret Flight
Egret Flight

The last 1/10 starts the next downward push.

Obviously this bird was in a hurry.

I just thought it interesting the movement and speed at which it happens.

Does this mean I’m a nerd ????

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