Thousands More...

Thousands More…

A continuation of the ‘Thousands’ (click here to view) article published yesterday.

I’m sure I could not explain the vast numbers of Pelicans, and others, here. I did my best to get an angle photograph. Being on a small boat the options were limited.

Click the image below for a full screen and details.

Thousands More...
Thousands More…

Signs warn people the island is restricted. But really, where could you go ashore?

9 thoughts on “Thousands More…”

    1. I also love them in flight. I caught a decent number of images at this location when I shot this.

      There is a commercial shrimp boat pier in Charleston that runs along a marsh creek. The Pelicans catch the thermals just inches above the surface and glide to and from the ocean. Makes great photographs.

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    2. That sounds awesome, I probably could sit there all day. I am near the Mississippi river, so there are quite a few right now. Took about 1500 photos the other day. Have not looked at them all yet.


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