Not So Close Please, Barn Owl

Not So Close Please, Barn Owl

There was a time, not so long ago, we ended each day with an exclamation ‘I need to take less shots’.

At the time I was serious. Having 1,000 images for a day meant work. Culling bad shots, triage on borderline photographs, and finally just skipping some for an image a ‘hair’ more interesting.

Below is a skipped photograph.

Not So Close Please, Barn Owl
Not So Close Please, Barn Owl

Now with my locations and options closed / limited I am thankful for large external hard rives and my itch trigger finger.



7 thoughts on “Not So Close Please, Barn Owl”

    1. Thanks. A rescue bird. The largest rehab is outside Charleston. Birds can fly free, rare ones are bred, many returned to the wild. Have been fortunate being allowed to shoot there. They even have birds practicing falconry. I am living proof it takes 100 shots to get a single clear one of diving Peregrines LOL

    1. Nice, good for all of us who get to see them. Especially owls, I heard the owls here two days ago. So they are back, but I never have actually seen one. I am glad you opened that Pandora’s Box. 🙂

  1. Great photo, I love that the owl is looking right at you. I guess that are a lot more people pulling out photographs in this time of the virus to help keep their sanity.

    1. Oh yeah. We do get a lot of Barred Owls here (the Lowcountry of SC is marshes, swamps, and Charleston) so I enjoy shots of the others.

      Thanks for stopping and please dig around when you have time. A little over 7,000 pages, most are wildlife. I like to say I’m busy out shooting…but now after seeing how many thousands I shoot perhaps I’m just mad as a hatter. Anyway, please dig, again thank.

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