Maybe Yes, Maybe No

Maybe Yes, Maybe No

I can’t see the eyes here. He was almost under my foot when I made a turn on a swamp trail. Quick movement stopped me.

He was not very big, under a meter.

Maybe Yes, Maybe No
Maybe Yes, Maybe No

A Cottonmouth has vertical slit eyes. Above the triangular head is there but not distinct. However, there is the dark horizontal line running along the side of the head.

He was fast, stopped, then gone.

I’m thinking a Water Snake. Because they can look so similar best to step back and give him space.

9 thoughts on “Maybe Yes, Maybe No”

    1. I agree, it was a give away. There is a water snake that looks so close, and head almost triangular that it’s very easy to confuse them. After my first encounter with a Carolina Rattler I now give most all the snakes here a wide berth. The Carolina Rattler looks like a pretty, and small, garter snake. How bad could it be?? Their attack is immediate and continuous (I did not get bit). So now I am careful.


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