Black Skimmer (#1)

Black Skimmer (#1)

The Black Skimmer has the speed and maneuverability of a Swallow, and the quick strike catch of a Heron. They are perfectly adapted for their environment.

Photographers find these birds to be about the most challenging subject there is. Hard to find and harder to get a good shot.

Black Skimmer (#1)

I was on my own in marshes the other day and noticed two Skimmers fishing in the distance. I waited, then moved on, finally returning later to photo other flocks in the waters.

This was soon a ‘be careful what you wish for’ .

The marsh was very low and now Skimmers were fishing in the smaller pools of water, one right at my feet, but plenty of swamp grass in the way.

I found a pattern to their flight and for the next hour Skimmers circled around me, returning often to ‘skim’ the surface for fish. All the while dodging flocks of wading birds.

Now to dig through hundreds of shots.

ACE Basin, South Carolina.

5 thoughts on “Black Skimmer (#1)”

  1. This a beautiful bird! We don’t have Black skimmer where I live. Probably, it was difficult to get this fantastic shot.

  2. Great shot, Ted. Any in-flight shot is impressive, but even more so when it is of a bird that swoops like this Black Skimmer. I never fail to be amazed by the difference in size of the upper and lower beaks. In another post you show the beak in action, which explains how this is an advantage for “skimming.”

    1. When I see Skimmers it’s like drop everything 😂. So much of getting these shots is out of your control it makes them that much better when it works 👍. Some days I stand where they are fishing and get zero! They made up for it yesterday.

      A last minute change in my plans found me all alone out at the edge of ‘Bear’ with a new camera body to test. Skimmers fished by me too close for the Sigma to focus, too fast to follow, and I still came back with a full card of many keepers.

      The new Canon… just dropped it off at FedEx to return. Win some Lose some 😂😂. I did get Skimmers making a catch in mid flight.

    2. I don’t get that kind of practice with the birds that I see, but the drill is pretty much the same when I try to photograph dragonflies in flight–it’s really tough, but oh so awesome when it works. 🙂

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