10 thoughts on “Sorry, Not Cute”

  1. Maybe not cute, but they ARE, which makes them interesting. Now that I’m intrigued, they are what? Pardon my ignorance. 😬

    1. It’s incredible to think how big some of these birds can be down to some of the tiniest like hummingbirds. Amazing to think about.

    2. So I looked up Wood Storks. Must be a rush to hear and see them fly by. I think I would probably duck & cover. In fact, I know I would!

    3. One of my favorite, all time, things is to be out in the wild marshes around dawn, late fall or early spring when Storks are gathering. Marsh grass can stand 8 feet tall and there is not a single sound there. No people for miles. You can hear them coming and at times they are touching the grass and landing in the shallows.

      Search on the word ‘ Stork ‘ on my menu. I have a large collection here on this site, many in those marshes.

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