6 thoughts on “Swamp Daisy (And Friend)”

  1. Nice illustration of how a slight change in a shooting angle can change a photo. Did you switch to manual focus for the second shot? (That’s usually what I have to do to get a spider web in focus.)

    1. In this case I just refocused and grabbed the web. I did it a few times testing the lens. This is a Leica for Panasonic MFT lens.

      I changed over completely to micro four thirds gear allowing me to use the OM 1 from Olympus. I researched what to do for the months I was trapped in the house after the new neck. Weight was not my friend. This gear is at least half as heavy. OM 1 is β€˜star wars’. Doing the churches in town gave me the best details I have ever shot…in a dark church. So far very pleased, and feel really dumb at times with the learning curve πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

    2. I didn’t realize that you had changed teams, Ted, though I do recall that you had a period of time when you could not go out shooting. I’m curious about your overall impressions of shooting with a MFT system once you have gotten used to it. A little while back I purchased a Lumix G95 and hope to play around with it over the coming months. It’s at the lower end of the spectrum as compared with your OM 1, but it will give me a taste of the MFT world. For now I am still relying on my older, heavier DSLR equipment. πŸ™‚

    3. After being told β€˜you need to find something else to do’ by every white coat around I made the change instead. After building out an OM1 kit I have been pushing it pretty hard. By doing my homework there is nothing I hadn’t anticipated yet. Also a local photographer had published some quality work which convinced me.

      I will say so far the stumbling blocks have been me with the learning curve not the system. Shooting in the old churches with a good lens gave me the best images I have ever shot, amazing actually. The OM1 itself pushes the MFT to be on par with the usual gear we all use. I have seen other MFT and that work had been spotty. I will probably publish something soon since there has been lots of questions about my change. Thanks for asking. 😁

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