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Landscape Photography

Fence Posts, Sparrows

The exposure here was taken from the bright background. I wanted to keep the foreground dark. It was an experiment to see how a new lens would handle contrasts.

Fence Posts, Sparrows - click to enlarge
Fence Posts, Sparrows – click to enlarge

When I shot the photograph I only knew of one bird, the second on top was pretty much hidden.

Ultimately I finished the image much lighter than planned, which gave this odd flat look.

Not really sure how I feel about the photograph overall, but I did learn a little more about the lens.


Bobcat Up A Tree

Photographed at Charles Towne Landing.

Bobcat Up A Tree - click to enlarge
Bobcat Up A Tree – click to enlarge

This was part of our new equipment tests. Though not at all what we started out to do.

Charles Towne Landing is the site of the original city of Charleston. The location itself was one of those ‘What Where We Thinking’ times and everyone moved before the swamp critters and disease got all of them.

This Bobcat is in the section where a few native animals are kept. This cat has a large section and found a tree top where (almost) no one is around.

Taken with a Canon mount Tamron 18-400 mm lens. This series of tests I was happy with.