Returning Home - click to enlarge

Returning Home, Heron

Here I was able to capture a photograph of the “Prodigal Son’ returning to his rookery.

If you look at the Heron flying here you may notice a duller coloring than the other Great Blue images published here lately.  Most of the long top knot feathers and flowing chest plumage are missing also.

Returning Home - click to enlarge
Returning Home – click to enlarge

This is a bird that continues to land in others nests. The adults are less than pleased and chase him immediately.

The general thought here, he is a late born juvenile from last year. Most likely living in the nearby marsh and now with mating season he has found groups of other Herons.

I shot this photograph about a week ago but never looked at the day’s work. Glad I found it since it is interesting to see these birds return. That’s an important sign of the health for this rookery.

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