Foggy Avocet - click to enlarge

Foggy Avocet

Cool nights and warmer mornings play havoc with early photographs. Even with LCD screens and electronic viewfinders it’s difficult to know if you captured anything.

Foggy Avocet - click to enlarge
Foggy Avocet – click to enlarge

This is where knowing your gear can really help. A little luck doesn’t hurt either.

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3 thoughts on “Foggy Avocet”

  1. Nice shots, Ted. Under circumstances like that, I also have to pay attention, because the front element of my lens and/or my viewfinder will sometimes start to fog up as well.

    1. At the moment I have the opposite problem, when there is lots of moisture and the air is very cold. Sometime the heat of the sun causes the front element of the lens to fog up. I am cautious too when bringing a lens into a heated environment when it has been out in the cold a long time (and I too worry about the insides of the gear).

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