Shoot what you see, how you see it

Shoot what you see, how you see it

The title here came from some comments between myself and Don Urban from (click here;) Don Urban Photography.

The general direction was photography, composition rules, and individual style.

Not even a day later this photograph was taken.

Shoot what you see, how you see it
Shoot what you see, how you see it

I was invited into a small, almost tiny, rural South Carolina church. Here there was nothing pretentious or gilded, it is a simple house of worship for the community.  What it was is elegant.

Here I used the composition rules, lighting rules, all the ‘proper stuff’ and the result was exactly what I wanted. Personally I love the look and feel.

Now; I tested the photograph within a South Carolina historical group of photographers that document the history, in images, of the state. A big effort really.

The image fell like a rock. Few were interested and it is not being included in the state archives. I have a number of photographs in a 99 year trust there, but not this one. Oh yeah, this church and grounds are part of the US National Historic Registry.

My point of this article?

Shoot what you feel. Photography is part craft and part art.

I still love this image and the feelings it can evoke. It also reinforces that if I really like a shot… it’s doomed.

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  1. I’m with you, Ted, and I totally agree with the title of this posting. There are images that I take that evoke certain memories or emotions or memories for me that may not be shared by others. So be it. I like what I like and don’t feel I need to make any apologies for that. I think that your motivations for taking photos are similar to my own–you create for the joy of creations, not out of a need to be popular or to monetize your results. For the record, I like your image for what it shows and even more for what it suggests about the church.

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