Earth Day 2019

Earth Day 2019

For Earth Day 2019 I thought to publish a photograph that shows us what we have, and what we could easily lose. I think this is a day where we can be allowed a short ‘soap box speech’.

The photograph was taken where a delicate balance is working, but can be so easily tipped over.

Clear and flowing water, both fresh and tidal, are needed for this ecosystem to exist. Charleston, South Carolina, is one of the fastest growing places in the US…and it’s a straight shot from here. This would not be the first land to be lost to uncontrolled development.

Earth Day 2019
Earth Day 2019

Roseate Spoonbills, like the ones above, are actually benefiting from climate changes. They have lost habitat all through Florida, but these marshes here are warm enough now for tropical birds. A bright spot if the marshes are protected.

As for these Alligators, well no housing areas are going to allow dinosaurs to wander around. The water, and housing would doom them.

Last is the hundred small shore birds dotting the background here. All subtropical, and none would do well feeding in parking lots.

Now the good news, this photograph is from a huge protected area, for the foreseeable future they are safe. But it could never exist without knowing it’s needs and help.

Funding and government support is going in the total wrong direction now. Off shore oil drilling was approved here. No one wants it, but no one asked either.

OK, end of Earth Day rant.




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  1. Sadly, short-sightedness and greed are causing huge damage to the environment everywhere, so your ‘rant’ is more than justified.

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