Black And White, Egret

Black And White, Egret

Rookery fly by, Great Egret.

Black And White, Egret
Black And White, Egret

I have been publishing fairly small articles the last few days. The photographs were taken in the last week or so and lucky for me I had uploaded them to this web site.

We run everything we can off WiFi and Internet. Our phones are all cell, we ‘cut the cord’ over a decade ago, any type of communications, bills, etc is on line.

So of course with the world locked down our online service is out…and will be for a while. I would assume tech staffing to get everything back up is an issue. Peoples safety is more important than an inconvenience.

Using the cell as a ‘hot spot’ (router) for my IPad is working for now. Though I’m sure spell check will do it’s best to embarrass me.

So…if we don’t respond to something, or our articles are missing, Ellen and I are fine. Just ‘cut off’ from our normal life.


7 thoughts on “Black And White, Egret”

    1. I usually have ongoing messages with people and now I almost suddenly stopped. Figured I would give a quick update. Using a cell phone for work is not ideal anywhere, even worse where I live. Coverage is low and spotty. But finally getting up and running right now. 👍

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