9 thoughts on “Disagreement Spoonbill Style”

  1. Ted these pictures are truly amazing my friend. All of your photographs are spectacular. I am nominating you for a Ten Day Travel Photo Challenge. It would be wonderful if you could participate. I know it is a time when many are so busy. I will post my third photograph tonight with you nominated. If you can it would likely bless a lot of people stuck inside. Hopefully it will bring people to your site that are new even if you are unable to participate. It is posting 10 photos, (don’t tell where they are from) for 10 days and you nominated 10 other people. Have a blessed weekend my friend.

    1. I totally understand Ted. I was just thinking about the professional and amazing photographers I know. Donโ€™t give it another thought. Thank you for letting me know. Perhaps you will get some visits at least. Sending wishes for health and happiness during the season and year round. Hugs ๐Ÿค— Joni

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