A Big Ole Party Here

A Big Ole Party Here

Taken as we walked a dike between a marsh and the Ashley River. One or two species were missing, but not many. I knew some would leave as we came closer, so I shot as wide as I could.

Best viewed large, bunch of critters here.

A Big Ole Party Here
A Big Ole Party Here
  • A few Wood Storks on the edges
  • White Ibis scattered all around
  • Great Blue Heron, waters edge top left
  • Snowy Egrets all around
  • Great Egrets all around
  • Common Gallinule top right ‘mud’

A Roseate Spoonbill was further down, but out of the photo. This was probably the one spot Alligators were missing.

The image is grainy but I was shooting quick in case everyone left in a hurry. Which they did not. Small groups shifted around.

Thanks to Mike Powell for mentioning multiple species. I totally forgot about a entire folder of photos.


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