Tidal Pool - click to enlarge

Tidal Pool

I almost never do a Black and White landscape. They are difficult and mine typically fall flat. However, I don’t give up either and I may be getting better at it.

Tidal Pool - click to enlarge
Tidal Pool – click to enlarge

It’s just taking me longer than most.

2 thoughts on “Tidal Pool”

  1. That’s really awesome Ted, I like this one very much. I take it you found this scene ready-made and its perfect! That pile of wood is just great whether its been put together by people or nature I don’t know, but such a great shape and reflection, and such a complementary landscape around it. Lovely long sight lines. You’ve reaped a reward for all the time you spend out there looking! Very, very well done!

    1. Wow, thank you very much. This beach is what we call a ‘bone yard’. Old trees piled and pushed by the storms. Some have forests of bones 😀. They change as the hurricanes moved the coastlines around. Thanks again.

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