An Awkward Situation

An Awkward Situation, Spoonbill, Alligator

This scene is becoming a recurring theme. Spoonbills hanging with Alligators.

An Awkward Situation
An Awkward Situation

Spoonbills stay the winter now and the marshes go low early spring.

Alligators go where the marsh water is.

It gets interesting.

3 thoughts on “An Awkward Situation, Spoonbill, Alligator”

    1. They are all safe, until not. Just how it is out there. Amazing to watch.

      I first saw this years ago in a swamp in Florida. A dry season shrinks the habitat and crowds the animals closer. That is what happens here.

      I just start collecting and organizing photographs around this occurrence. Like places in Africa and Sahara everything centers around the ‘watering hole’. Could be a long and interesting project.

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