Not Every Photograph Should Be Up Close, Heron

Not Every Photograph Should Be Up Close, Heron

I’m not sure how often I’ve written that here, but it does bear repeating at times. Recently a comment was made on an image (yes it was mine) that went something like this…

‘Nice photograph, I would crop a little closer to see the detail. It still looks good on my phone though’. I thanked him for his comment.

Of note here, this was not a Facebook group of amateur photographers. The key word here being ‘phone’.

Not Every Photograph Should Be Up Close, Heron
Not Every Photograph Should Be Up Close, Heron

I don’t remember what the photograph was, or the subject.

My own feeling is a photograph is the sum of all it’s parts. That’s a Heron above, but it’s just ‘big bird’ without the context of the world he lives in.


7 thoughts on “Not Every Photograph Should Be Up Close, Heron”

  1. I like the big picture too,Ted, though most of my photos are zoomed in as much as I can with my telephoto zoom or macro lens. For my personal taste, the heron is a bit too much in the center of the frame and I’d prefer that some of the left side of the image be cropped off, making the photo dimensions less of a panorama. I recognize that cropping is very much a matter of personal preference and the image is beautiful no matter how you crop it.

    1. You are 100% correct about the composition. Rule of thirds went out the window here LOL. And there is the catch 22 for me.

      I go out to the ‘hinterlands’ at least 4 times a week, often even more. I moved here because it is almost impossible to go out and not have a wildlife adventure. The number of photographers that have moved here is staggering.

      I say this because at this point I just try stuff 🙂 and see what happens. Please jump in here anytime! That’s the fun of being a retired photographer.

  2. Sounds very familiar… but it is YOUR picture, even if it doesn’t conform to the photographic rules, you have the full right to show it as you like it!

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