Rhett's Battery

Rhett’s Battery

Since I visit and love to shoot in the old cemeteries here I thought to capture the military (US Civil War) headstones and gather information on some. It’s just a ‘Google’ right. Not so.

The headstones here are from CSA (Confederate States Of America) and many areas here were devastated during final confrontations with the US Union Army. Record keeping was not a high priority.

I did find the following information;

The final resting place of Thomas Hayes, a private in H company, Rhett’s artillery battery. He was found near the barn on Crawford’s Tenant Farm during the battle of Gettysburg, PA.

Rhett's Battery
Rhett’s Battery

Rhett’s battery was an artillery unit made up of men from Charleston and Pickens districts of South Carolina. It was formed in Virginia and became part of the CSA army of Northern Virginia.

Commanders included P. G. T. Beauregard, Joseph E. Johnston, Gustavus Woodson Smith, Robert E. Lee. The battery was one of the units surrendered at the Appomattox Court House to end the US Civil War.

The unit was part of many of the notable battles during the war.

Considering the limited information I hope to do as well with other headstones. All information was gathered on line from various information sites.

Taken at Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, South Carolina.

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