Old Charleston Jail, A Finale

Old Charleston Jail, A Finale (1)

The old historical Charleston Jail is about to be ‘changed’. Renovated I guess is the technical term. It has been under new ownership for a while, and time has caught up with it.

Ellen and I were honored to be invited to join a group of historians and photographers to see and document the jail as it is before things are removed  and construction begins. The collective knowledge gathered for this shoot was absolutely humbling.

Old Charleston Jail, A Finale
Old Charleston Jail, A Finale

As is my own style I choose selective parts of the jail to photograph, and of course throw in some drama as I documented it.

My work will take several articles, I will include links to others contributions (Facebook will be popular with others I’m sure).

The jail has a dark disturbing history with African Americans. Mr. Joseph McGill was with us sharing his knowledge and I strongly recommend you visit his organization (click the link) The Slave Dwelling Project.

For several years (click here) Bulldog Tours has been providing tours and special access to the Old Charleston Jail. It was John D. LaVerne and Randall Johnson that reached out from Bulldog to invite this group of known Charleston historians.

Brandon Coffey, the founder of (click here) The South Carolina Picture Project contacted us and it was greatly appreciated. The ‘Project’ is an on going venture to have local photographers document the historical ‘nooks and crannies’ of South Carolina.

All the new, and past, articles here on this subject can be found by clicking the word Jail ‘tag’ in this web site sidebar.

More to come on the Old Charleston Jail.

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