Mary Musgrove

Mary Musgrove, Spy

Near the ford (crossing) on the Elloree river that was the scene of a US Revolutionary War battle we found this old stone marker.

Mary Musgrove
Mary Musgrove

Research says she was the wife of the Mill owner and kept the patriot militia informed as to when, and where, the loyalists and British troops were watching the fords.

Mary Musgrove
Mary Musgrove

Not far from here several hundred militia clashed.

Local historians have provided me with numerous links to information and I have come to two conclusions.

  1. All involved were particularly brutal. It was truly the US first civil war. Families and neighbors fought and killed each other…and there were no rules.
  2. The second is that no one had a clue as to what they wanted, or what was happening. Everybody would just stop and go home if they didn’t get what they wanted.


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