A Christmas Duck

A Christmas Duck

Merry Christmas to all. This year we were blessed with duck.

The famous Bangor Police Department ‘Duck Of Justice’.

A Christmas Duck
A Christmas Duck

Officer TC (Tim Cotton) took an old worn stuffed duck from a dumpster and introduced him to the Bangor PD interrogation room. He became the ‘Duck Of Justice’, fame followed and the rest is history.

Now 320,000 friends follow the day to day of the Bangor PD on Facebook.

The DOJ has a small glass case, in a special museum, in headquarters. Stars of TV, Film, Sports, and photography all visit the duck for a selfie… no really!  He has been on a US tour, and of course TV. Visitors are always welcome, you might even get cookies.

A Christmas Duck
A Christmas Duck

Above is the well known Quote Of Duck.

We have not seen our friend for a few years but my Sister in-Law and Brother in-Law reminded the DOJ to send along a Merry Christmas to the southern expats.

If you ever visit Facebook, go see TC and the DOJ. Enjoy a gentle and humorous face a being with the police in Bangor.

A Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all out there on the ‘interweb’.

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