16 thoughts on “Adult Spoonbill”

    1. They certainly are πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘. I have been finding them a lot lately. Except I don’t remember seeing any yesterday πŸ€”. Water depth bouncing around so everything is moving around to different places.

      Recently the water has been very low, then yesterday parts were flooding and just the opposite. In fact we looked up and there were Dolphin 19 miles inland.

    2. Wow, so much change! and I saw a dolphin pic on FB I think on Ellen’s a/c so it was exciting to see a dolphin pic again!

    1. A true tropical bird, but they have been expanding their range. They need water, knee high water and heat.

      At one point they were in danger of disappearing because of habitat changes. One of those birds that will always look for new feeding grounds…as long as there is some wilderness available. That has saved them, plus people are now more aware.

    2. Not uncommon. The balance will shift when predators move looking for new feeding areas. Every year Owls hunt in a small swamp near my home. Towards fall the swamp water recedes and the Crayfish are gone. The Owls move off to another swamp, Crayfish hatch, and we start all over again 😁

    3. NY’s Hudson Valley. Eagles nests up and down the river and lakes. Owls having 2-3 babies per year. Hawks are flying over the parks when you were lucky to see one in the past. There used to be only one nesting pair of eagles in the whole state late 60s early 70s. Now the are all over.

    4. The climate has made big changes in the
      Lowcountry. Cold spells are not very cold or long. Heat is hot and early. We have become more tropical. Also some birds that went north to breed have just stayed. White Pelicans should be in places like Idaho. A few were in far marshes (no access) but the lower water brought them out. Yesterday several flocks were out and about. Spoonbills are all year, Wood Storks the same. Even Reddish Egrets which have the smallest habitat found us.

      Now we just need to keep our thousands of wildlife areas wild. Not easy when everyone is moving here 😁😁.

    5. The Canadian geese used to just fly by on their way north and south. They seem to stay year round now. Oddly the screech owls seem to winter here. I wish the would radio track them. It would be interesting to see where they spent their summers.

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