ACE Basin Creek

ACE Basin Creek

When is a river not a river ?

When it’s a creek as part of a Black River. A ‘black river’ gets it’s name from the tea colored waters at times during the year. The colors come from the vegetation decays, tannins that leach into the water. Cypress trees leach large amounts of oils.

ACE Basin Creek
ACE Basin Creek

This creek flows with the Combahee river. The ‘C’ in ACE Basin. The basin is filled by three rivers;

  1. Ashepoo (A) river
  2. Combahee (C) river
  3. Edisto (E) river

All three are black water rivers, where in addition to the murky water has no single defined channel like a typical river. They are wide swarths of shallow water with numerous creeks and flowing swamps.

These wide rivers are what makes the marshlands within the ACE Basin. All ultimately flow into the St. Helena sound. The sound is one of three locations named the cleanest waters in the US. The others are Acadia, Maine, and Cape Romain (Bulls Island), South Carolina.

This spot on the Combahee river is also known for being the location of Harriet Tubman’s famous raid to free 70 enslaved people and lead to the underground railroad going north to freedom. At the time she served as a guide to federal troops inside the basin.

4 thoughts on “ACE Basin Creek”

    1. Never been, if you mean the river in Mo. There is a Black River here too.

      The ACE Basin rivers get that description from the tannins in the water. The Mississippi delta and the Santee delta are also made of various black rivers.

    2. Maybe a different place – we birded a place called Blackwater River State Park on the Black River in Pensacola which I was referring to thinking it was the same – same tannin effect.

    3. Pensacola would probably have Cypress or Tupelo trees 😁. Both leach tannin. The Bald Cypress tannin helps keep the wood incredibly hard.

      Old back country plantations here were built with the Cypress. It doesn’t burn or eaten by the swamp insects. In fact not long ago we took a flat boat up the Santee delta and ate our food on the porch of an old plantation main house. Sam porch, same wood, also had George Washington and Francis Marion (the swamp Fox general hiding from British regulars). Probably same swamp bugs biting us too. 😂😂

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