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Dolphin, 10+ Miles From Any Ocean Inlet

I spotted one slipping past into an opening on the left of this cut.

We then heard them exhale through their blow hole.

Ellen moved off to photo them in the small salt pool, I waited for them to return. Which they had to do, only one way and out and it must be high tide.

Best viewed large, I had mounted a wide angle lens right before this.

Dolphin, 10+ Miles From Any Ocean Inlet
Dolphin, 10+ Miles From Any Ocean Inlet

Above, Two Dolphin on the edge of the grasses. A rare and amazing sight.

Note; The Lowcountry has a specific subset of Dolphin. They are Dolphin pods that do not return to the ocean. They live and fish along the coast and go inland into marshes. These two are part of one of those pods. They are also the only Dolphin that hunt in groups purposely pushing and stranding fish on the shore, where they follow to catch them.

National Geographic is in the process of filming their follow up to this group of Dolphin. None of us are sure if this will help or harm them.

We also have worked/photographed these pods extensively. Search on the word Dolphin on out menu for some incredible looks at Dolphin life.

Marsh Scene, May 2022

After a few hours of almost non stop wildlife (it was a good day) my arms, back, and just about everything was telling me to take a break.

As usual with these shots, best viewed large.

I had a backup camera/lens in the car, I grabbed it and took a walk.

Even now I still have the FOMO, fear of missing out, here it’s very real too. In this area you can turn around and find another amazing shot.

Marsh Scene
Marsh Scene

Above, taken from a dike dirt road. Bigger dikes can have small dirt roads. Everything is connected and this is a great way to move around inside these wildlife areas.

There is another marsh on the other side of the tall grass, before the far tree line. The top of the grass seen here is in fact a dike. You can walk these dikes for long distances. However, that Alligator has friends sleeping up there in the sun. The use it like a highway between the marshes… just like we do. And yes, we usually bump into each other there.

Marsh Scene
Marsh Scene

Next is from the same marsh, a little further on.

As expected another one of the ‘locals’ was swimming around. This time headed in my direction, but for no particular reason.

A surprise was the group White Pelicans. They should be up in the mountains and plains of the northern US, and of course Canada. Technically they should never be in the Lowcountry, but we have plenty all winter.

ACE Basin, South Carolina.

(Added a time frame to the title. If I can remember to continue it might help organize the ‘Marsh Scene’ topic. This site is now over 27,000 photographs.)