Found On A Walk

Found On A Walk

This morning we decided to go to for a walk in the old cemetery area outside Charleston. In town there are many church grave yards, however the old cemeteries are just north a few miles, on what was once plantations land.

Found On A Walk
Found On A Walk

The Soldiers Ground section is for Confederate States military (some exceptions). We have just celebrated veterans day and I expected flags to placed on many graves. They were.

This is the first year I remember seeing very few southern battle flags. The battle flag is the cross and stars associated with hate groups and is banned except on private land.

Above is the flag of the actual Confederate Country formed after secession standing besides the grave of an unknown sailor.

I love to shoot in the solitude of the military cemeteries, but have been increasing uncomfortable where the battle flag can be seen. The ‘stars and bars’ flag I’m more comfortable with.

Unless I find it makes people uncomfortable.

The headstone belongs to one of the many unknown sailors buried in this cemetery. During the US civil war Charleston was under a blockade. Multiple ships were lost on both sides in the towns harbor and surrounding waters.

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  1. No matter what is said or done these days, someone is always upset about something. Darned if you do, or darned if you don’t. It used to be art and photojournalism were respected even if the subject was controversial. Times have changed.

  2. Had similar experience when we were in in Biloxi at Beauvoir – Jefferson Davis Home. They have a confederate graveyard there where he and his father are also buried. All had confederate flags at the sites (no government funding) and one also had the American flag and that was his father’s in recognition of his Revolutionary War service. I’m with William above on hypersensitivity these days.

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