There Be Pirates

‘Thar Be Pirates’ Here

There are stories behind the gates and down the alley’s. This town is filled with them.

The famous Black Beard, Edward Teach, and the ship Queen Anne’s Revenge took captives and did a harbor blockade in Charleston. The story tells of the ransom negotiations held behind this house, in the back courtyard.

Blackbeard was later killed off the coast of North Carolina.

The ‘Gentleman Pirate’, Stede Bonnet, an ally of Black Beard, was hanged in Charleston a few weeks before Edward Teach’s death. Every day tourists visit White Point Garden on the Charleston water front and have no idea this was a place of hangings once.

There Be Pirates
There Be Pirates

The courtyard is part of an old private home, even without knowing the tales people walk by, see the gate, and peek down the alley.

Gotta love this town.

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