Greetings From Manning, SC

Greetings From Manning, SC

All this needs is a ‘wish you were here’ slogan across the front.

Being a northern transplant I know little about the towns outside of the general Charleston area. I can safely say it is very different from where I grew up.

What is the same as up north is the aging and slow ruin of the  American Down Town. That is universal. Personally I love the old towns. I try to load some gear and go out looking and learning as often as possible.

Greetings From Manning, SC Main Street
Greetings From Manning, SC

This was taken on Main Street, Manning. They wanted everyone to know where you were. I also thought the old building, from 1916, was cleverly brought into today by mixing the retail store name with the architecture.

Photographed while out exploring, shooting B&W, but here a little color.

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